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Trend analysis is based on the idea that historical price movements can offer traders unique insights and probabilities for what will happen in the future. The ‘Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Trend Prediction’ feature uses sophisticated technology (algorithms and machine learning) to identify and analyze trends across multiple categories of securities.

Trend trading is an investment strategy based on the technical analysis of changing market prices, as opposed to using fundamental company analysis. Investors who use a trend-tracking strategy make buy or sell decisions based on shifting market trends, attempting to capitalize on a predicted direction of a security's price. For example, a trend-trader may enter into a long position when a stock is trending upward, or conversely use a short position when a stock is trending downward.

Tickeron's A.I. provides investors with trend analysis, but also with supporting information such as historical statistics and ‘Prediction Confidence Levels,’ which measure the level of conviction behind a trend or pattern. Our system also allows the user to monitor price evolution, bookmark their favorites, and if so desired, take action on their trading platform to benefit from the predicted price movements.

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